What caring means to geriatric nurses.

Shu-Juan Liu

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Caring is the major concept in nursing. The purpose of this study was to describe the meaning of caring for nurses caring for elderly patients. Parse' s phenomenology was addressed in the research design, which included four steps: participant selection, dialogical engagement, extraction-synthesis, and heuristic interpretation. By stratified sampling, 30 nurses who worked in medical-surgical wards in a general teaching hospital were selected as participants. Dialogical engagement was completed through in-depth, tape-recorded interviews on the open question, " What is the meaning of caring for you as a provider of care to the elderly? ". Data were interpreted by process of Parse' s phenomenology, which included extracting the essence, synthesizing the essence, formulating a proposition, extracting concepts, and structuring the meaning. The meaning of caring for nurses engaged in caring for the elderly was: " Through the initiative deliberation from sincerity, the nurse is to dedication by the empathy and tolerance". The core concepts of caring were: deliberation, initiative, sincerity, tolerance, empathy, and dedication. It should develop and apply the caring concept and theory actively to geriatric nursing care.
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期刊The journal of nursing research : JNR
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