Very‐Low‐Dose Radiation and Clinical Molecular Nuclear Medicine

Chi Jung Tsai, Kang Wei Chang, Bang Hung Yang, Ping Hsiu Wu, Ko Han Lin, Ching Yee Oliver Wong, Hsin Lun Lee, Wen Sheng Huang

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Emerging molecular and precision medicine makes nuclear medicine a de facto choice of imaging, especially in the era of target‐oriented medical care. Nuclear medicine is minimally inva-sive, four‐dimensional (space and time or dynamic space), and functional imaging using radioactive biochemical tracers in evaluating human diseases on an anatomically configured image. Many ra-diopharmaceuticals are also used in therapies. However, there have been concerns over the emis-sion of radiation from the radionuclides, resulting in wrongly neglecting the potential benefits against little or any risks at all of imaging to the patients. The sound concepts of radiation and radiation protection are critical for promoting the optimal use of radiopharmaceuticals to patients, and alleviating concerns from caregivers, nuclear medicine staff, medical colleagues, and the public alike.

出版狀態已發佈 - 6月 2022

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