Up-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-8 by betel quid extract and arecoline and its role in 2D motility

Shyun Yeu Liu, Young Chau Liu, Wen Tsung Huang, Guan Cheng Huang, Tai Chi Chen, Mei Huei Lin

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Betel quid (BQ) and matrix metalloproteinase-8 (MMP-8) play roles in oral diseases. Here, we analyzed the regulation of MMP-8 by BQ and its effect on cell migration. We found that BQ extract (BQE) increased the secretion of an 85 kDa caseinolytic proteinase, specifically precipitated by an anti-MMP-8 antibody, in the culture medium of OECM-1, an oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) cell line. BQE also stimulated MMP-8 secretion in an esophageal carcinoma cell line, CE81T/VGH, in a dose-dependent manner, and MMP-8 protein was maximally expressed at 24 h after BQE treatment in OECM-1. The BQE-induced MMP-8 expression was dose-dependently inhibited by PD98059. Arecoline, the major alkaloid of areca nut, was tested to dose-dependently up-regulate MMP-8 protein level. Moreover, both arecoline- (4.7-fold) and BQE-selected (5.5-fold) CE81T/VGH cells expressed higher MMP-8 protein level and exhibited enhanced two-dimensional (2D) motility (p = 0.009 in both cells) than parental cells. The enhanced motility of arecoline- (p = 0.006) and BQE-selected (p = 0.002) cells was both specifically blocked by an anti-MMP-8 antibody. We conclude that BQ may accelerate tumor migration by stimulating MMP-8 expression through MEK pathway in at least some carcinomas of the upper aerodigestive tract. Furthermore, arecoline may be one of the positive MMP-8 regulators among BQ ingredients.
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期刊Oral Oncology
出版狀態已發佈 - 11月 2007

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