Unilateral cleft lip repair: Rotation-advancement technique

Philip Kuo Ting Chen, Vikram Pandit

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The important steps in unilateral cheiloplasty are: (1) Mohler's rotation incision to place the final suture line in the philtral column, (2) several mucosal flaps for nasal floor reconstruction, correction of mucosal deficiency in piriform area, (3) eliminate the peri-alar incision on advancement flap, limiting scars around the alar base and nostril floor, (4) adequate mobilization of alar base by adequate muscle dissection, (5) muscle reconstruction to simulate the philtral column, (6) anchoring of advancement flap to nasal septum for centralizing the Cupid's bow, (7) correction of central vermilion deficiency with triangular vermilion flap from lateral lip, (8) semi-open rhinoplasty with reverse U incision on the cleft side and rim incision on the non-cleft side, (9) atraumatic dissection to release the fibrofatty tissue from lower lateral cartilages, (10) advancement and fixation of the cleft side lower lateral cartilage to the noncleft side lower lateral cartilage and to the skin in an over-corrected position, (11) primary septal cartilage graft for internal splinting, and (12) definition of the ala-facial groove with alar transfixion sutures.
主出版物標題Global Cleft Care in Low-Resource Settings
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