Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of gallstone ileus: Report of a case

K. J. Wu, Shiann Pan, Sheng-Hsuan Chen, Jean-Dean Liu, G. S. Lien, C. C. Chang

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Gallstone ileus is an uncommon mechanical bowel obstruction caused by impaction of one or more gallstones in the intestine. The ileum is involved in about 80% of cases. Difficult and delayed diagnosis and old age of the patients account for its high mortality. We herein report one case with gallstone ileus diagnosed by ultrasound preoperatively in which the patient survived after surgery with only a few complications related to the patient's debilitated medical problems. Emphasis is also put upon how to deal with acute abdomen in elderly patients; in addition to traditional roentgenography, ultrasound may afford a tool to detect gallstone ileus.
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期刊Gastroenterological Journal of Taiwan
出版狀態已發佈 - 1997

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