Treatment strategies for initially disseminated intracranial germinomas: Experiences at a single institute

Yi Wei Chen, Pin I. Huang, Yu Wen Hu, Donald Ming Tak Ho, Kai Ping Chang, Wan Yuo Guo, Feng Chi Chang, Yi Yen Lee, Cheng Ying Shiau, Tai Tong Wong, Sang-Hue Yen

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Purpose: Initially disseminated intracranial germinomas (IDIGs) can be observed in pre-adult and adolescent brain tumor patients. However, the disease prognosis is undetermined, and the method of optimal treatment remains controversial. Methods: From January 1990 to January 2011, data on 91 intracranial germinoma patients (≤20 years old) were gathered from the Pediatric Brain Tumor database at Taipei Veterans General Hospital. A total of seven patients with a median age of 17.0 years had IDIGs (lesion sites >2), including IDIGs in the ventricular system or the spinal column. Craniospinal irradiation (CSI) plus a primary or metastatic boost was the mainstay strategy for radiotherapy. Six out of a total of seven patients (85.7%) also received systemic chemotherapy (CHT) after radiotherapy. Survivals rates between IDIGs and patients without dissemination were estimated using the Kaplan-Meier method. Results: The median follow-up time for all seven patients was 67.5 months (range, 10.3-142.3 months). None of the IDIG patients experienced a recurrence or mortality after the completion of treatment. The 5- and 10-year disease-free survival (DFS) between IDIG and non-dissemination patients were 100%, 100%, 93.0% and 78.6%, respectively (p=0.339). The 5- and 10-year overall survival (OS) between IDIGs and non-dissemination cases were 100%, 100%, 93.7% and 89.4%, respectively (p=0.473). Conclusions: IDIG patients did not show reduced survival compared to non-dissemination patients if optimal radiotherapy and chemotherapy were used together.

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