Transpedicle body augmenter in painful osteoporotic compression fractures

Kung Chia Li, Anna F.Y. Li, Ching Hsiang Hsieh, Hsiang Ho Chen

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Osteoporotic compression fractures (VCFs) can result in progressive kyphosis and chronic pain. Polymethylmethacrylate has been used for augmentation of VCFs; however, there are cement complications, and long-term fracture healing is unknown. The transpedicle body augmenter (TpBA), a porous titanium spacer, has been reported as an internal support to reconstruct the vertebral body combining short segment fixation in burst fracture. We retrospectively reviewed radiographic and clinical results of TpBA vertebroplasty for single symptomatic VCF in 80 patients. Manual reduction and TpBA vertebroplasty via a paramedian incision with blunt dissection was done. Mean age was 72.3 years (range 51-87 years), and female-male ratio was 66:14. The mean symptom duration was 5 months, and follow-up 44 months. Peri-operative variables and radiographic and clinical results were evaluated. The average operation time was 26.1 min, blood loss 92 cc, and hospitalization 2.3 days. No patient had neurological deterioration. TpBA was found sinking into vertebral body initially, then locked by residual cortex, and finally stabilized within the vertebra. There was no dislodgement of TpBA in the final visit. Sixty-two patients (77.5%) could walk within 3-6 h after operation and the others within 24 h. The anterior vertebral restoration was 8.0 mm initially and 6.1 mm at final follow-up. Wedge angle correction was 11.5° initially and 9.4° at final follow-up. Pain, by the visual analog scale, was 8.6 pre-operatively, 2.5 at day 7 follow-up, and 2.9 at final follow-up. By the questionnaire, 72 of 76 respondents reported a decrease in discomfort after TpBA vertebroplasty, and 63 of 76 patients reported a return to normal activity after operation. The final satisfaction rate was 93.4%. TpBA vertebroplasty led to early and medium-term clinical improvement and anatomic restoration of painful VCFs.

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期刊European Spine Journal
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