Translation and Validation of the Indicators of Quality Nursing Work Environments in the Portuguese Cultural Context

Eliana Sousa, Chiou Fen Lin, Filomena Gaspar, Pedro Lucas

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The Indicators of Quality Nursing Work Environment scale (IQN-WE) with 65 items, developed by Chiou-Fen Lin, Meei-Shiow Lu, and Hsiu-Ying Huang in 2016, aimed to create a set of quality indicators of the nursing work environment. The translation and validation for the Portuguese cultural context of the IQN-WE scale was performed in this study. Objectives: culturally and linguistically adapt the IQN-WE scale, originating from the Portuguese version, and evaluate its psychometric characteristics. Methods: it is a descriptive, cross-sectional, observational and quantitative study. The IQN-WE scale was validated in a sample of 542 nurses belonging to a hospital center in Portugal. The study obtained a response of 21.69%, of whom 78.0% were women and 22% men. The mean age of the sample was 39 years and a standard deviation of 8.1 years. All nurses who work have a bachelor’s degree, and 13.5% have a master’s degree. Results: the study obtained an instrument with a total explained variance of 52.67% and KMO = 0.843. It found a strong-to-moderate linear correlation matrix between the dimensions. The pre-test and the team of experts ensured the content validity. The determination of internal consistency guaranteed reliability, with 0.95. Confirmatory factor analysis validated the construct. The factorial model presented a goodness of fit index, with five factors. Conclusion: the study achieved an instrument with 50 items in five dimensions: Team Support and Professional Development; Team Organization and Management; Safe Nursing Work Environment; Information Systems and Risk Control; Salary and Welfare. The IQN-WE-PT scale proved to be an appropriate instrument to be applied in health organizations in Portugal.
期刊International journal of environmental research and public health
出版狀態已發佈 - 10月 2022

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