Time sequential 3D display with liquid crystal shutter glasses

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In LCD shutter glass 3D display, the images of left and right eyes are alternatedrapidly on the monitor screen. When the viewer looks at the screen through shutteringeyewear, each shutter is synchronized to occlude the unwanted image and transmit thewanted image. However, the crosstalk of conventional backlight auto-stereoscopic LCDdisplay is higher. In the work presented in this chapter, we propose a new type of fullresolution time sequential 3D display with LED strobe backlight and optical shutterglasses. Each shutter is synchronized to transmit the wanted image and block out theunwanted one. 120 Hz LCD and an LED dynamic backlight are used to implement in amulti-viewer time multiplexed 3D display. The scanning or the strobe of the dynamicLED backlight is driven by the same vertical synchronization signal. Testing results ofthe proposed dynamic backlight are presented and compared with results obtained by thetraditional backlight type.
主出版物標題New Developments in Liquid Crystals and Applications
發行者Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
出版狀態已發佈 - 2013

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