The VATER association: analysis of forty six cases without karyotyping.

L. W. Huang, M. R. Chen, S. P. Lin, F. Y. Huang, M. Y. Ho, H. A. Kao, C. H. Hsu, H. Y. Hung, T. C. Tsai

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Forty-six patients with two or more features of the VATER association admitted to the Mackay Memorial Hospital from May, 1983 to Mar, 1992 were retrospectively enrolled in this study. We compared the incidence of major features with that reported in the literature. Imperforate anus, congenital heart disease, and renal anomalies were the three most common major features in our study. Thirteen patients died. Heart failure was the major cause of mortality. We noted many patients associated minor features, and among them there was a relatively high ratio of cleft lip, cleft palate, and hypospadius. The overall outcome and development were good among the survivals. We suggest that children who have any congenital anomaly included in the VATER association should get a careful examination and evaluation of their heart, genitourinary tract, limbs and vertebrae. Early correction if possible is indicated in such patients.

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期刊Zhonghua Minguo xiao er ke yi xue hui za zhi [Journal]. Zhonghua Minguo xiao er ke yi xue hui
出版狀態已發佈 - 1月 1 1995

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