The sialodynamic test: A preliminary porcine head study

Luong Huu Dang, Yen Chun Chen, How Tseng, Chin Hui Su, Shih Han Hung

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Objectives: To provide a concept of measuring pressure changes under constant fluid infusion for the diagnosis of sialolithiasis, termed the sialodynamic test, in a porcine head model. Methods: Using a porcine head model, a constant infusion of water into the submandibular gland of the two groups over 30 s was performed and the outlet pressure was measured. Metal beads were inserted into the salivary duct for obstruction simulation after the normal submandibular gland sialodynamic measurements were completed. Statistical analyses were performed to evaluate the differences between the measured individuals and the experimental group (n = 3). Results: The results showed no significant difference between individuals in the control group, but intergroup variation was noted in the simulated sialolithiasis group. The volume-dependent linear increase in pressure was exacerbated in the simulated sialolithiasis group compared with the control. Conclusion: This study indicated that evaluating the relationship between pressure and volume changes can help to determine whether stones are present in the submandibular gland. The sialodynamic test might serve as a potential diagnostic method for salivary diseases.
期刊Journal of International Medical Research
出版狀態已發佈 - 8月 2022

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