The self and our perception of its synchrony – Beyond internal and external cognition

Andrea Scalabrini, Michelangelo De Amicis, Agostino Brugnera, Marco Cavicchioli, Yasir Çatal, Kaan Keskin, Javier Gomez Pilar, Jianfeng Zhang, Bella Osipova, Angelo Compare, Andrea Greco, Francesco Benedetti, Clara Mucci, Georg Northoff

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The self is the core of our mental life which connects one's inner mental life with the external perception. Since synchrony is a key feature of the biological world and its various species, what role does it play for humans? We conducted a large-scale psychological study (n = 1072) combining newly developed visual analogue scales (VAS) for the perception of synchrony and internal and external cognition complemented by several psychological questionnaires. Overall, our findings showed close connection of the perception of synchrony of the self with both internal (i.e., body and cognition) and external (i.e., others, environment/nature) synchrony being associated positively with adaptive and negatively with maladaptive traits of self. Moreover, we have demonstrated how external (i.e., life events like the COVID-19 pandemic) variables modulate the perception of the self's internal-external synchrony. These findings suggest how synchrony with self plays a central role during times of uncertainty.

期刊Consciousness and Cognition
出版狀態已發佈 - 11月 2023

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