The rs1447295 at 8q24 Is a Risk Variant for Prostate Cancer in Taiwanese Men

Marcelo Chen, Yu Chuen Huang, I. ling Ko, Stone Yang, Yen Hwa Chang, William Ji Shian Huang, Yi Ming Arthur Chen

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Objectives: To determine the association of a common variant, rs1447295, at the 8q24 region with prostate cancer (PCa) risk in Taiwanese men. Common variants at the 8q24 region have been shown to be associated with PCa risk. The variant rs1447295 has shown the strongest association. Most of the studies have been performed in European and American populations. Methods: This case-control study comprised 340 PCa patients and 337 controls. Genotyping was performed for rs14417295 to test for the association between its risk allele and PCa. Its association with disease stage, Gleason score, PSA level, and disease aggressiveness was also determined. Results: The A allele of rs1447295 was significantly associated with increased PCa risk (odds ratio = 1.49, 95% CI = 1.12-1.99). When compared with controls, the risk allele A was more frequent in PCa patients of both stages I+II (P = .028) and stages III+IV (P = .023), in patients of all Gleason scores (P < .05 in all subgroups), in patients with PSA levels >20 ng/mL (P = .001), and in patients with aggressive disease (P = .005). Conclusions: This study confirmed that the A allele of rs1447295 is associated with a high risk of PCa in Taiwanese men.
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