The potential of Asystasia gangetica (Chinese violet) extracts as an anti-aging agent and as a whitening agent

Marjette Ylreb U. Barbaza, Cheng Yang Hsieh, Kathlia A. de Castro-Cruz, Chia Jung Lee, Chieh Lun Hsieh, Po Wei Tsai

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Several advancements were achieved from natural products chemistry over the years and all over the world and although exploration of natural products was more focused on its application in the medical field, studies on its use in the cosmetic industry, primarily on anti-aging and whitening, have also been performed especially now that the cosmetics market is moving towards the green cosmetic trend. Inflammation plays a major role in intrinsic human skin aging while tyrosinase serves as a key player in the color development of the skin because of its role in melanin production. With this, the study aims to assess the potential of different extracts of Asystasia gangetica which is abundant in biologically active components such as phenolics, flavonoids, saponins, and tannins as a source of cosmetic products that are anti-aging and whitening in order to provide new information that will be valuable in green cosmetic research. To do this, different extracts of A. gangetica were utilized to treat RAW 264.7 cells to assess their anti-inflammatory activity and are reacted with tyrosinase solution and L-DOPA substrate to examine its anti-tyrosinase activity. The findings showed that all extracts except for aqueous exhibit anti-inflammatory property with methanol extract being the most favorable, while only three extracts exhibited inhibitory effect against tyrosinase, with ethyl acetate extract being the most promising with an IC50 of 0.19 ± 0.013 mg/mL. In conclusion, A. gangetica has the potential to act as an anti-aging and a whitening agent and may be essential in further development of green cosmetics.
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期刊Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology
出版狀態已發佈 - 9月 16 2020

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