The influence of hyperbaric oxygen on hemorheological parameters in diabetic rats

Der Zen Liu, Shu-Chen Chien, Li Ping Tseng, Charng Bin Yang

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The effect of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) treatment on hemorheological parameters of diabetic rats was investigated. This study is a placebo-controlled, in vivo animal study. 30 streptozocin-induced diabetic rats were divided into two groups; one group received hyperbaric oxygen treatment while the other did not. Hematological and hemorheological parameters were tested with blood samples collected directly from the heart using surgical procedures. Student t-tests with a type I (α) error at 0.05 was used to test any significant difference between means of the hematologic and hemorheological parameters of the control (CON) and the HBO2 groups. Compared with the placebo group, hyperbaric oxygen resulted in significant higher lipid peroxidation stress of the erythrocytes and resistance of erythrocytes to deformation in rats of the HBO2 group. Whole blood viscosities measured at shear rates of 5, 150 and 400 s-1 were all higher for the rats in the HBO2 group than those for rats in the control group. In addition, the oxygen delivery index was found to be significantly lower in rats of the HBO2 group. Thus, our work demonstrates that hyperbaric oxygen treatment significantly changes the hemorheological parameters in diabetic rats.

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