The Impact of Distal Stent Graft–Induced New Entry on Aortic Remodeling of Chronic Type B Dissection

Chun Yang Huang, Hung Lung Hsu, Po Lin Chen, I. Ming Chen, Chiao Po Hsu, Chun Che Shih

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Background: In chronic type B aortic dissection, late distal stent graft–induced new entry (SINE) has a possible negative role in long-term aortic remodeling. This study aimed to investigate the impact of SINE occurrence on survival by evaluating true and false lumen remodeling in thoracic and abdominal segments at midterm surveillance. Methods: This study enrolled 65 patients with chronic type B aortic dissection (DeBakey type IIIb), who had received hybrid thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) and had completed surveillance for at least 3 years. The 3-year survival rate was 84.7%. The patients were classified into non-SINE (n = 47) and SINE (n = 18) groups. Serial computed tomography scans were used to analyze volumetric change, true and false lumens, and thrombus volume from arch to aortic bifurcation level. Results: The SINE event occurred at a median of 22.5 months. In the SINE group, there was a significant interruption of the abdominal true lumen expansion in the second year (median 0.01 [interquartile range (IQR), –0.03 to 0.12] in the non-SINE group versus median –0.04 [IQR, –0.12 to 0.04] in the SINE group; p = 0.014). There was a significantly worse thoracic false lumen remodeling in the SINE group compared with the non-SINE group in the third year after the SINE event occurred (median 0 [IQR, –0.09 to 0.05] in the non-SINE group versus median 0.06 [IQR, 0 to 0.13] in the SINE group; p = 0.038). Conclusions: For chronic aortic dissection, late occurrence of distal SINE could influence abdominal true lumen expansion and thoracic false lumen shrinkage. Early reintervention for distal SINE could improve aortic remodeling in chronic aortic dissection.
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期刊Annals of Thoracic Surgery
出版狀態已發佈 - 3月 1 2018

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