The evaluation of zebrafish cardiovascular and behavioral functions through microfluidics

Satishkumar Subendran, Yi Chieh Wang, Yueh Hsun Lu, Chia Yuan Chen

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This study proposed a new experimental approach for the vascular and phenotype evaluation of the non-anesthetized zebrafish with representative imaging orientations for heart, pectoral fin beating, and vasculature views by means of the designed microfluidic device through inducing the optomotor response and hydrodynamic pressure control. In order to provide the visual cues for better positioning of zebrafish, computer-animated moving grids were generated by an in-house control interface which was powered by the larval optomotor response, in conjunction with the pressure suction control. The presented platform provided a comprehensive evaluation of internal circulation and the linked external behaviors of zebrafish in response to the cardiovascular parameter changes. The insights from these imaging sections was extended to identify the linkage between the cardiac parameters and behavioral endpoints. In addition, selected chemicals such as ethanol and caffeine were employed for the treatment of zebrafish. The obtained findings can be applicable for future investigation in behavioral drug screening serving as the forefront in psychopharmacological and cognition research.
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期刊Scientific Reports
出版狀態已發佈 - 7月 5 2021

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