Supratentorial intracerebral neuroepithelial cysts: Review and one case report

J. J. Wu, C. J. Shih, Y. C. Tu, W. H. Lee

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Supratentorial intracerebral, or convexity neuroepithelial cyst (ependymal cyst and choroidal epithelial cyst) has been rarely reported. Since 1938, 26 cases of ependymal cyst (including the present case), one case of choroidal epithelial cyst and one case of a transitional type of epithelial cyst have been published in the literature. The clinicopathological features of these 28 cases are reviewed and analyzed. There were 11 males and 17 females. The patients ranged in age from 48 days to 74 years with a peak incidence from 31 to 40 years (10 cases). There were 3 infants who suffered from progressive enlargement of the head. Of the 25 adult patients ranging from 22 years to 74 years in age, 14 had a history of seizures. In 17 of the 28 cases the cyst was found on the left side, 11 on the right side, and most commonly (13 cases) in the frontal lobe. None of the cysts communicated with the ventricular system. Light microscopic examination of the cyst wall in 26 cases disclosed some histological variation. The cysts were lined with ciliated or non-ciliated epithelia positioned on glial or connective tissue or both. Electron microscopic examination was done in 6 cases (including the present case) and the fine structures are discussed in this paper. The most common method of surgical intervention was to remove the cyst roof and to make a communication between the cyst and the lateral ventricle. Most of the patients recovered post-operatively.

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期刊Journal of Surgical Association Republic of China
出版狀態已發佈 - 1983

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