Stretchable organic memory: Toward learnable and digitized stretchable electronic applications

Ying Chih Lai, Yi Chuan Huang, Tai Yuan Lin, Yi Xian Wang, Chih Yu Chang, Yaoxuan Li, Tzu Yao Lin, Bo Wei Ye, Ya Ping Hsieh, Wei Fang Su, Ying Jay Yang, Yang Fang Chen

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A stretchable organic digital information storage device has been developed, which potentially advances the development of future smart and digital stretchable electronic systems. The stretchable organic memory with a buckled structure was configured by a mechanically flexible and elastic graphene bottom electrode and polymer compound. The current-voltage curve of the wrinkled memory device demonstrated electrical bistability with typical write-once-read-many times memory features and a high ON/OFF current ratio (B105). Even under repetitive stretching, the stretchable organic memory exhibited excellent electrical switching functions and memory effects. We believe the first proof-of-concept presentation of the stretchable organic nonvolatile memory may accelerate the development of information storage device in various stretchable electronic applications, such as stretchable display, wearable computer and artificial skin.
期刊NPG Asia Materials
出版狀態已發佈 - 2月 1 2014

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