Strategy to improve stability of surface-enhanced raman scattering-active Ag substrates

Kuang Hsuan Yang, Yu Chuan Liu, Ting Chu Hsu, Ming Yu Juang

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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)-active Ag substrates were popularly employed for evaluating the structural situation of analytes because SERS-active Ag substrates can demonstrate more significant SERS effects than Au and Cu substrates. However, the stability of SERS-active Ag substrates is an issue of concern in their application. In this work, SERS-active modified Ag substrates were simply prepared in 0.1 N HCl solutions containing Al 2O3 nanoparticles by electrochemical methods. Experimental results indicate that the Al2O3-modified Ag substrate can significantly improve its thermal stability by raising the operation temperature of the Ag substrate by over 100 °C. Moreover, the aging of SERS enhancement capabilities in an atmosphere of 50% relative humidity (RH) and 20% (v/v) O2 at 30 °C is markedly depressed based on this Al 2O3-modified Ag substrate.

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期刊Journal of Materials Chemistry
出版狀態已發佈 - 9月 21 2010

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