Sports injuries and risk factors for table tennis among nonprofessional collegiate athletes A cross-sectional study

Moeka Mong Jia Teo, Feng Hang Chang, Yen Nung Lin

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Despite the increasing popularity of table tennis worldwide, few studies have focused on table tennis injuries. This study aimed to investigate the injury profiles, including the injury rate, types, locations, and risk factors, among nonprofessional collegiate table tennis athletes in Taiwan. We performed an online investigation among collegiate table tennis athletes of the nonprofessional category in the 2019 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games in Taiwan. Participants provided general information, and data on the characteristics of their play style, training, and injuries were collected. We then categorized these participants into injured and noninjured groups. Injuries were classified as mild, moderate, and severe, based on the time loss in playing table tennis. The risk factors for table tennis-related sports injuries were then identified through between-group comparisons. In total, 150 participants responded to the questionnaire. The average participant age was 21.3 years. Gender differences existed in age categories, forehand rubber, backhand style of play, and average days of training per week. Over the 6 months before the study, 76 of 150 participants experienced at least one injury. The handedness for play was associated with the occurrence of injury. Factors associated with injury severity included using rubber other than inverted rubber for the forehand and not qualifying for the national round of the team category of the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games. With a considerably high injury rate among nonprofessional collegiate athletes, further studies are required on table tennis-related injuries. Playing styles such as handedness and type of rubber used might be associated with the injury. The lower limb was the most common site of injury. These results may provide insights into trainers and coaches for further measures on injury prevention.

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