Spinal and limb abnormalities in adolescents with intellectual disabilities

Jin Ding Lin, Pei Ying Lin, Lan Ping Lin, Chia Im Lai, Yii Rong Leu, Chia Feng Yen, Shang Wei Hsu, Chi Ming Chu, Chia Ling Wu, Cordia M. Chu

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There are not many studies pertaining to the spinal or limb abnormalities in people with intellectual disabilities, without a clear profile of these deformities of them, efforts to understand its characters and improve their quality of life will be impossible. Therefore, this paper aims to describe the prevalence and related factors of spinal and limb abnormalities in adolescents with intellectual disabilities. The participants who participated in health examinations as they enrolled into special schools at the first year, a total of 822 aged 15-18 years adolescents with ID were recruited to this study. The results showed that there were 14.5% and 8.5% cases had spinal and limb abnormalities based on the physician's observation and X-ray test. Factors of BMI level and limb abnormalities were significantly predicted the spinal abnormality occurrence in those adolescents with ID. Gender, disability level and have a spinal abnormality were variables that can statistically correlate to limb abnormality condition. The study highlights that in order to ensure people with intellectual disabilities receive an appropriate quality of care, it is important to have a precise understanding of the ways in which the needs of them who have spinal or limb deformities differ from the sole intellectual disability and the general population as a whole.

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期刊Research in Developmental Disabilities
出版狀態已發佈 - 5月 1 2010

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