Sorption of lead ions from aqueous solution using tree fern as a sorbent

Yu-Shan Ho, Wen Ta Chiu, Chun Sen Hsu, Chien Tsung Huang

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This study is on sorption of lead ions on an agricultural by-product, tree fern. Equilibrium isotherms have been measured and modeled. The equilibrium sorption capacity of lead(II) was determined from the Langmuir isotherm and found to be 40.0 mg/g. Based on the assumption of the pseudo-second order mechanism, a batch sorption model was developed to predict the rate constant of sorption, the equilibrium sorption capacity and the initial sorption rate with the effect of initial lead(II) concentration and temperature. The sorption rate was found to increase with temperature, and an activation energy of approximately 87 kJ/mol was determined from the pseudo-second order rate constants. The findings of this investigation suggest that chemical sorption plays a role in controlling the sorption rate.

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出版狀態已發佈 - 4月 2004

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