Serum tumor necrosis factor in patients with gastric cancer

Chew Wun Wu, Chin Wen Chi, Mao Chih Hsieh, Miao Fen Chao, Wing Yiu Lui, Fang Ku P'Eng

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We have measured serum TNF-α levels in 220 gastric cancer patients, 9 patients with gastric polyps or ulcers, 9 hepatitis B carriers and 85 normal controls. The results showed that no postitive TNF-α value ( > 10 pg/ml) was detected in Hepatitis B carriers and benign gastric lesions' patients and normal controls. In the cancer group, 17 out of 220 patients (7.7%) had positive-TNF-α values. The proportion of TNF-α positive was 6.8% in stage I disease, 6.5% in stage ll disease, 3.7% stage III, and 12.9% stage IV. No clinicopathologic factors were related to positive TNF-α value. TNF-α value was not an indenendent prognostic indicator. The role of TNF-α in gastric cancer remains obscures.
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期刊Anticancer Research
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出版狀態已發佈 - 5月 1998

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