Screening for high-grade carotid stenosis using a portable ultrasonography instrument

Ulf Schminke, Lillian Motsch, Li Ming Lien, Teng Yeow Tan, M. Gene Bond, James F. Toole, Charles H. Tegeler

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Background and Purpose. We investigated the diagnostic performance of a brief Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) screening examination for carotid artery stenoses using a newly developed portable instrument. Methods. A highly experienced sonographer screened in total 152 carotid arteries by either continuous wave (cw) Doppler (n = 50) or a lightweight (2.4 kg) portable duplex device (n = 102) in a prospective study of 76 high-risk patients. The screening protocols included either spectrum analysis and frequency shift measurement in both internal carotid arteries with cw-Doppler or determination of area and diameter ratios in transverse and longitudinal views of both carotid arteries in B-mode and with PDI, but without velocity measurement. Both protocols were evaluated against a complete routine duplex ultrasonography examination. Results. According to the complete examination, stenoses were 75%, A z values (area under the receiver operating characteristics curve) were 0.897 for area ratios, 0.843 for diameter ratios (PDI protocol) and 1.0 for the cw-Doppler protocol. Conclusions. The diagnostic performance of the cw-Doppler protocol was superior to the PDI protocol. Nevertheless, both protocols appear suitable as inexpensive screening strategies to identify subjects with >75% stenosis measured by carotid Doppler ultrasound. However, these preliminary data need further verification.

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期刊Journal of Neuroimaging
出版狀態已發佈 - 7月 2006

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