Risk factors and prevention of falls among community-dwelling older people

Mau Roung Lin, Yi Wei Wang

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Falls among older people are one of the most important public health issues in the world. Falling is the second leading cause of injury-related death among older people in Taiwan. In addition, they lead to severe physical injuries, lack of independence in daily living, psychological trauma, and social dysfunction that results in enormous social costs. This review paper summarizes definitions, incidence and mortality, major consequences, common risk factors (including human factors, acute and chronic diseases, medication, and environment), and common preventive methods (including balance assessment, exercise, education, medication change, reduction of environmental hazards, and rehabilitation and referral care) of falls among older persons in Taiwan and other countries. Besides, research issues related to multiple definitions, data analysis, and measurement of falls, confounding of medication by indication, and type and safety of exercise are further discussed. Finally, some suggestions are provided for future studies and clinical practices for fall prevention among older people.

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期刊Taiwan Journal of Public Health
出版狀態已發佈 - 8月 2004

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