Rhombic-shaped channel stent with enhanced drug capacity and fatigue life

Hao Ming Hsiao, Cheng Han Lin, Yung Kang Shen, Tzu Yun Chou, Yen Yu Hsu

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A drug-eluting stent with rhombic-shaped drug reservoirs is proposed, aimed at providing long-term drug delivery and enhanced fatigue life. Unique rhombic-shaped reservoirs or channels on the stent struts can increase the total drug capacity and improve the stress distribution for longer fatigue life, without compromising other important clinical attributes. Our rhombic-shaped channel stent increases the total drug capacity by multiple times. Its fatigue safety factor, even with the large rhombic cutouts on the stent struts, could be 50% higher than that of the conventional drug-eluting stent. A pulsed fiber-optic laser and a series of expansions and heat treatments were used to make the first prototype of our rhombic-shaped channel stent. This new concept may open up a wide variety of new treatment options and opportunities for the medical industry in the future.
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