Results in early surgical treatment of spontaneous achilles tendon rupture

L. C. Lin, S. S. Wu, C. H. Lee, M. K. Au

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Results of early surgical treatment of 28 spontaneous ruptures Of the Achilles tendon during various sports activities were evaluated. Fifteen of the 28 patients were injured in a racket activity. Six cases occurred during basketball playing. All of the rupture sites were in the tendon part, 2-6 cm above the calcaneal bone. Seventy-five percent of the patients were in their fourth decade or older None had had a medical problem before injury, and only two had experienced Achilles symptoms prior to the rupture. All of the repairs were done within four weeks. Twenty-four patients were contacted for follow-up (average, 6 months). Only three patients had postoperative minor wound problems. There was no rupture. Loss of motion was 6°in dosiflexion and 5°in plantar flexion, on the average. All 24 patients had a return of function but 4 among them could not reach their preinjury level. Spontaneous rupture of the Achilles tendon with early repair within a four weeks period showed satisfactory results.

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期刊Journal of Surgical Association Republic of China
出版狀態已發佈 - 1996

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