Recommendations for treating stage I-III periodontitis in the Taiwanese population: A consensus report from the Taiwan Academy of Periodontology

Jung Tsu Chen, I. Ting Wu, Ren Yeong Huang, Yi Chun Lin, Yu Hsiang Chou, Taichen Lin, Po Jan Kuo, Che Chang Tu, Lein Tuan Hou, Yu Lin Lai, Hsein Kun Lu, Chi Cheng Tsai, Kuo Yuan, Chun Jung Chen, Cheng Sheng Ho, Yueh Chao Yang, Aaron Yu Jen Wu, Kuo Ching Huang, Cheng Yang Chiang, Po Chun Chang

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Background/Purpose: Based on the fundamental of the S3-level clinical practice guideline (CPG) for treating stage I-III periodontitis developed by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP), this consensus report aimed to develop treatment recommendations for treating periodontitis in the Taiwanese population. Methods: The report was constructed by experts from the Taiwan Academy of Periodontology. The following topics were reviewed: (a) the prevalence of periodontitis in Asia and current status of treatment in Taiwan; (b) specific anatomical considerations for treating periodontitis in Asians; (d) educational and preventive interventions and supragingival plaque control; (d) subgingival instrumentation and adjunctive treatment; (e) surgical periodontal therapy; and (f) maintenance and supportive periodontal care. Recommendations were made according to the evidences from the EFP CPG, the published literature and clinical studies in Asians, and the expert opinions. Results: The treatment recommendations for the Taiwanese population were generally in parallel with the EFP CPG, and extra cautions during treatment and maintenance phases were advised due to the anatomical variations, such as shorter root trunk, higher prevalence of supernumerary distolingual root and lingual bony concavity in mandibular posteriors, and thinner anterior labial plate, of the Asian population. Conclusion: The EFP CPG could be adopted for treating periodontitis and maintaining periodontal health of the Taiwanese population, and anatomical variations should be cautious when the treatment is delivered.

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期刊Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
出版狀態接受/付印 - 2021

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