RAPD analysis of astragalus medicines marketed in Taiwan

Kur Ta Cheng, Borcherng Su, Chien Tsu Chen, Chun Ching Lin

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The genetic variability of Astragalus medicine materials sold by twenty randomly selected stores in Taiwan was investigated using RAPD analysis in order to obtain available primers which could clearly differentiate among them. Total DNA isolated from the rhizomes of the samples were used as templates, and sixty 10 mer arbitrary primers were used in the analysis. The aim of the present study is to construct an identification model of molecular biotechniques applicable to Chinese herbal medicines in RAPD analysis. Three of the primers, OPT-03, OPT-13, and OPT-17, revealed polymorphic RAPD fingerprints among the samples of Astragalus membranaceiis, and between Astragalus membranaceits and Hcdysammpolybotrys samples. SSCP analysis was also conducted on PCR products from the ITS-1 region of ribosomal DNA in order to differentiate the two species.

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期刊American Journal of Chinese Medicine
出版狀態已發佈 - 2000

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