RAPD analysis of Angelica sinensis medicine in Taiwan market

Kur Ta Cheng, Chia Ping June, Hsien Chang Chang

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In the study, three species of Angelicae Radix, Angelica sinensis, A. acutiloba, A. gigas, and A. pubescens, a confused material with the former, were analysis using RAPD technique. Sixty oligonucleotide primers were also used to screen twenty randomly selected samples sold by the stores in the analysis. Total DNA extracted from the root of the medicine material was used as template in the PCR reaction. The RAPD pattern of OPG-15 revealed polymorphism among the different species samples, and the samples bought from the stores were demonstrated to be A. sinensis. In addition, two primers, OPD-05 and OPD-17, showed distinct two types among the samples collected from the stores, while others exhibit almost the same profiles.

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期刊Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal
出版狀態已發佈 - 10月 1999

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