Quality improvement and emerging global health priorities

N.M. Abrampah, S.B. Syed, L.R. Hirschhorn, B. Nambiar, U. Iqbal, E. Garcia-Elorrio, V.K. Chattu, M. Devnani, A.E. Kelley

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Quality improvement approaches can strengthen action on a range of global health priorities. Quality improvement efforts are uniquely placed to reorient care delivery systems towards integrated people-centred health services and strengthen health systems to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC). This article makes the case for addressing shortfalls of previous agendas by articulating the critical role of quality improvement in the Sustainable Development Goal era. Quality improvement can stimulate convergence between health security and health systems; address global health security priorities through participatory quality improvement approaches; and improve health outcomes at all levels of the health system. Entry points for action include the linkage with antimicrobial resistance and the contentious issue of the health of migrants. The work required includes focussed attention on the continuum of national quality policy formulation, implementation and learning; alongside strengthening the measurement-improvement linkage. Quality improvement plays a key role in strengthening health systems to achieve UHC.
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期刊International Journal for Quality in Health Care
出版狀態已發佈 - 2018


  • Health security
  • Health systems
  • Quality improvement
  • Resilience
  • SDGs


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