Psychometric Properties of the Taiwanese Pressure Ulcer Management Self-Efficacy Scale in Nursing Practice

Wen Yi Chao, Yu Lin Wu, Wen Chun Liao

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Self-efficacy strongly predicts clinical performance and competence. In Taiwan, there is no reliable method for assessing self-efficacy in the management of pressure injury. This study aims to establish psychometric properties of the Pressure Ulcer Management Self-Efficacy Scale (PUM-SES) translated for Taiwan and determine the validity and reliability of the Taiwanese version of the PUM-SES. Materials and methods: The PUM-SES was translated for use in Taiwan using Brislin’s method. The translation’s content validity, concurrent validity, predictive validity, internal consistency, and test–retest reliability were evaluated. The Pressure Ulcer Management Self-Efficacy Scale, Taiwanese version (PUM-SES-T), the Attitude toward Pressure Injury Prevention Scale (APIPS) and the Practice toward Pressure Injury Prevention Scale (PPIPS) of preventing pressure injury, and the General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSES) were tested using Pearson’s correlation. A cross-sectional survey with 330 RNs in Taiwan was conducted. The PUM-SES-T was used to predict the PPIPS, and a predictive regression model was constructed considering nursing demographic variables. Results: Seven experts evaluated the PUM-SES-T with a CVI value of 0.995. An internal consistency, using Cronbach’s α, of 0.762 and a test–retest reliability of 0.997 were obtained. The PUM-SES-T was positively correlated with the GSES (p < 0.001). Multiple regression revealed that the PUM-SES-T predicted practice with a strong predictive validity (F = 8.077, p < 0.001), had an adjusted R2 of 0.455, but collinearity was insignificant. In this study, PUM-SES-T is a valid instrument for intervention-related educational programs to measure self-efficacy with good reliability and validity. It can be employed when intervening in related education strategies or promoting policies.

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