Psychometric Evaluation of the Vietnamese Hemodialysis Stressor Scale

Thi Loan Dang, Fu Chih Lai, Yen Kuang Lin, Kuei Ru Chou, Nae Fang Miao, Yuan Mei Liao

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The lack of a suitable assessment tool may limit optimal stress management and impair the health-related quality of life of patients undergoing hemodialysis. The purpose of the study was to examine latent constructs and psychometric properties of the Vietnamese Hemodialysis Stressor Scale (HSS-V). In total, 180 patients receiving hemodialysis were recruited. Psychometric properties of the HSS-V, including the construct validity, internal consistency, and test–retest reliability, were tested after the instrument translation. The exploratory factor analysis resulted in a 24-item HSS-V with four extracted factors, which explained 58.32% of the total variance. The construct validity was confirmed by significant negative correlations between scores on the HSS-V and Vietnamese-version Short Form-36. The internal consistency (Cronbach’s α =.82-.91) and test–retest reliability (intra-class correlations coefficient =.91-.94) of the 24-item HSS-V were satisfactory. A simple structure and preliminary acceptable psychometric properties of the HSS-V were established and can serve as a basis for further studies.

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期刊Clinical Nursing Research
早期上線日期2月 24 2016
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