Pseudocapacitive performance of hybrid manganese oxide films with multiwalled-CNT additions

C. K. Lin, C. H. Wu, C. Y. Tsai, C. Y. Chen, S. C. Wang

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In the present study, hybrid manganese oxide films with additions of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were prepared by sol-gel process. Manganese acetate was used as the precursors and MWCNTs were added during the process. The effects of MWCNT addition and post heat treatment on the material characteristics and pseudocapacitive performance of the hybrid MWCNT/MnOx films were investigated. Experimental results showed that manganese oxide was composed of Mn3O4 (minor) and Mn2O3 (major) phases after heat treatment. MWCNTs served as the template for the growth of manganese oxide films. Among the hybrid films prepared in the present study, manganese oxide films with 0.05wt.% MWCNT addition heat treated at 350°C exhibited the best electrochemical performance. The maximum specific capacitance was 340.3F/g and retained 280.8F/g (82.5%) after 1000 CV tests. With the addition of MWCNTs, not only the specific capacitance increased but also the reliability improved.
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期刊Surface and Coatings Technology
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