Prevalence of self-reported work-related skin conditions in taiwanese working population

Yu Hsuan Shao, Wen Yu Yeh, Chiou Jong Chen, Chun Wan Chen, Yue Liang Guo

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Work-related skin conditions are among the most prevalent occupational diseases, but population-based studies of occupational skin diseases are few. This study was conducted by a nationwide representative sampling of employed workers in Taiwan to estimate the prevalence of work-related skin conditions. A total of 18942 non-self-employed workers participated in this survey. Data were collected by self-administered questionnaires. Those workers who reported having upper extremity skin conditions and considered their skin conditions caused by work exposure were defined as having work-related skin conditions. More than a half of the skin conditions were considered work-related. Overall, 4.4% of male employees and 4.2% of female employees reported having work-related skin conditions in the past year. Work-related skin conditions were more prevalent among male workers than female workers (adjusted OR=0.8, p<0.05) after adjusting for other factors. Low education level (adjusted OR=2.52, p<0.05), exposure to paint (adjusted OR=1.69, p<0.05), electroplating fluid or agriculture pesticide (adjusted OR=2.11, p<0.05) and working in a hot working environment (adjusted OR=2.76, p<0.05) were predictors of having work-related skin conditions. Sanitary and pollution control services, mining and quarrying, personal services, building construction, and fishing were identified as high-risk industries. This study concluded that work-related skin conditions were a rather common occupational disorder in Taiwanese working population. Risk factors and high-risk industries were considered for further research and intervention.

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期刊Journal of Occupational Health
出版狀態已發佈 - 2001

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