Prevalence and risk of thyroid diseases in myasthenia gravis

Cheng Che Chou, Man Hsu Huang, Wen Ching Lan, Shu Sing Kong, Chang Fu Kuo, I. Jun Chou

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Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of thyroid diseases and the cumulative risk of thyroid diseases during a follow-up period after myasthenia gravis (MG) diagnosis compared with non-MG controls. Materials and Methods: We used the Taiwan National Health Insurance Database linked to Registry of Catastrophic Illness database to identify patients with MG. The controls were composed of those who did not have MG and were matched with the MG patients by sex, age, and the index date. We recorded thyroid disease histories before and after the index date. Results: Our study included 5813 MG patients and 29 065 controls. The prevalence of thyroid diseases in the MG patients at diagnosis was 18.4%, which was nearly 3.9-fold greater than that in the control group. (Odds ratio [OR] 3.895, 95% Confidence interval [CI] 3.574-4.246) After excluding pre-existing thyroid diseases, the incidence of comorbid thyroid diseases was 8.7% in the MG patients and 4% in the control group. The MG patients had a 2.36-fold increased risk of developing thyroid diseases compared to the control group. (crude hazard ratio [HR] 2.360, 95% CI 2.095-2.659) The cumulative probabilities of developing thyroid diseases at 1, 5, and 10 years after the index date were 21.6%, 24.9%, and 28.7%, respectively, in the MG patients, while the cumulative probabilities were 6.5%, 8.8%, and 11.8%, respectively, in control group (log-rank test <0.0001). Conclusions: The current population-based study showed a higher prevalence of pre-existing thyroid diseases and a higher cumulative probability of thyroid diseases during follow-up after MG diagnosis than in the general population.

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