Press through package mis-swallowing

Sen Kuang Hou, Chii Hwa Chern, Chorng Kuang How, Lee Min Wang, Chun I. Huang, Chen Hsen Lee

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A press through package (PTP) is commonly used as a package for drugs and also being seen increasingly in cases of foreign body in the digestive tract. We presented three cases of inadvertent PTP ingestion with a variety of clinical presentations. Although commonly considered to be small and soft to cause bowel damage, a PTP tends to be caught and poses potential risk for perforation of the bowel because of its sharp edges. The PTP material is thought to be difficult to detect on plain abdominal roentgenography due to its radiolucency. However, air trapped in the PTP makes the drug tablet possibly visible on the radiograph. All of the three cases were diagnosed with correct interpretation of these special radiographic findings, even without the recall of accidental swallowing of the tablet. A PTP in the oesophagus and stomach should be tried to be removed, while computerised tomography and early laparotomy should be considered when it passes through the pyloric ring and the patient develops symptoms. An effort to prevent the PTP swallowing should be an essential part in our everyday practice, especially for the elderly patients.

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期刊International Journal of Clinical Practice
出版狀態已發佈 - 2月 1 2006

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