Preparation of a polyclonal antiserum against D-Aspartate

Jen Ai Lee, Hiroshi Homma

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D-amino acids have been considered as unnatural amino acids and it has been the common belief that D-amino acids are not present in eukaryotes. However, improvements and developments of analytic methods have shown the D-amino acids are present in a considerable amount of eukaryotes and even in humans. Some of them have been shown to have physiological functions. In this book, all aspects of D-amino acid research are described: analytic methods for D-amino acids,the presence of various D-amino acids in a wide variety of organisms, nutritional aspects of D-amino acids, anabolic and catabolic enzymes for D-amino acids, physiological significance of D-amino acids, pathology of D-amino acids, industrial aspect of D-amino acids etc.
主出版物標題D-Amino Acids
主出版物子標題A New Frontier in Amino Acid and Protein Research - Practical Methods and Protocols
發行者Nova Science Publishers, Inc.
ISBN(列印)1600210759, 9781600210754
出版狀態已發佈 - 2007

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