Preparation and characterization on mechanical and antibacterial properties of chitsoan/cellulose blends

Yu Bey Wu, Shu Huei Yu, Fwu Long Mi, Chung Wei Wu, Shin Shing Shyu, Chih Kang Peng, An Chong Chao

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Polysaccharides-based membranes of chitosan and cellulose blends were prepared using trifluoroacetic acid as a co-solvent. Morphology and mechanical property of prepared membranes were studied by Instron and dynamic mechanical thermal analysis. The mechanical and dynamic mechanical thermal properties of the cellulose/chitosan blends appear to be dominated by cellulose, suggests that cellulose/chitosan blends were not well miscible. It is believed that the intermolecular hydrogen bonding of cellulose is supposed to be break down to form cellulose-chitosan hydrogen bonding; however, the intra-molecular and intra-strand hydrogen bonds hold the network flat. The reduced water vapor transpiration rate through the chitosan/cellulose membranes indicates that the membranes used as a wound dressing may prevent wound from excessive dehydration. The chitosan/cellulose blend membranes demonstrate effective antimicrobial capability against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, as examined by the antimicrobial test. These results indicate that the chitosan/cellulose blend membranes may be suitable to be used as a wound dressing with antibacterial properties.

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期刊Carbohydrate Polymers
出版狀態已發佈 - 9月 22 2004

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