Predictors of memory performance among Taiwanese postmenopausal women with heart failure

Cheng Chen Chou, Susan J. Pressler, Bruno Giordani

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Background: There are no studies describing the nature of memory deficits among women with heart failure (HF). Objectives: The aims of this study were to examine memory performance among Taiwanese women with HF compared with age- and education-matched healthy women, and to evaluate factors that explain memory performance in women with HF. Methods and Results: Seventy-six women with HF and 64 healthy women were recruited in Taiwan. Women completed working, verbal, and visual memory tests; HF severity was collected from the medical records. Women with HF performed significantly worse than healthy women on tests of working memory and verbal memory. Among women with HF, older age explained poorer working memory, and older age, higher HF severity, more comorbidities, and systolic HF explained poorer verbal memory. Menopausal symptoms were not associated with memory performance. Conclusions: Results of the study validate findings of memory loss in HF patients from the United States and Europe in a culturally different sample of women. Working memory and verbal memory were worse in Taiwanese women with HF compared with healthy participants. Studies are needed to determine mechanisms of memory deficits in these women and develop interventions to improve memory.
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期刊Journal of Cardiac Failure
出版狀態已發佈 - 2014

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