Pituitary metastasis from bronchogenic adenocarcinoma

Chuang Wei Chen, Yung Hsiao Chiang, Cheng Yu Chen, Herng Sheng Lee, Yih Huei Su

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Tumor metastases to the pituitary gland are a rare complication of systemic cancer. We described a 64-year-old male with pituitary metastasis from bronchogenic adenocarcinoma. The patient had undergone the first course of chemotherapy and local radiotherapy for the lung cancer. However, he suffered from rapid onset of adrenal insufficiency accompanied by the sequentially progressive headache, blurred vision, polyuria, and polydipsia. The examination revealed the results of panhypopituitarism, bitemporal hemianopsia, and diabetes insipidus. Magnetic resonance image showed an intrasellar and suprasellar dumbbell-shaped mass. Metastatic bronchogenic adenocarcinoma was diagnosed by biopsy of the pituitary tumor. Metastatic tumors to the pituitary gland can mimic a nonfunctional pituitary adenoma or other sellar lesions in clinical presentation and imaging. The endoscopic transsphenoidal approach provides for minimal invasive surgery for tissue biopsy and decompression, and improves the quality of life in symptomatic patients.
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期刊Journal of Medical Sciences
出版狀態已發佈 - 6月 2005

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