Pigmented nevus of the external auditory canal

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Objective: To present the clinical experience during an 18-year period of a series of 11 cases of pigmented nevus of the external auditory canal (EAC). Study design and setting: Retrospective medical review of 11 consecutive patients with lesions seen in 2 departments of otolaryngology in Taiwan. Results: 12 pigmented nevi, 2 to 12 mm (average, 6.4 mm) in diameter, were excised under otomicroscopy, and the EAC was packed with a temporary Penrose stent. One large lesion developed a postobstructive external auditory canal cholesteatoma (EACC). Histopathologic examination revealed 11 intradermal nevi and 1 compound nevus. There have been no recurrences or stenoses of EACs after 3 months to 17 years (average, 6 years) of follow-up. Conclusion: If a pigmented nevus causes symptoms, especially when it is large enough to obstruct the lumen of the EAC and has the possibility of developing into an EACC, it should be excised. EBM rating: C-4.

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