Perioperative medicine and Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database

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“Big data”, characterized by ‘volume’, ‘velocity’, ‘variety’, and ‘veracity’, being routinely collected in huge amounts of clinical and administrative healthcare-related data are becoming common and generating promising viewpoints for a better understanding of the complexity for medical situations. Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database (NHIRD), one of large and comprehensive nationwide population reimbursement databases in the world, provides the strength of sample size avoiding selection and participation bias. Abundant with the demographics, clinical diagnoses, and capable of linking diverse laboratory and imaging information allowing for integrated analysis, NHIRD studies could inform us of the incidence, prevalence, managements, correlations and associations of clinical outcomes and diseases, under the universal coverage of healthcare used. Perioperative medicine has emerged as an important clinical research field over the past decade, moving the categorization of the specialty of “Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine”. Many studies concerning perioperative medicine based on retrospective cohort analyses have been published in the top-ranked journal, but studies utilizing Taiwan NHIRD were still not fully visualized. As the prominent growth curve of NHIRD studies, we have contributed the studies covering surgical adverse outcomes, trauma, stroke, diabetes, and healthcare inequality, etc., to this ever growing field for the past five years. It will definitely become a trend of research using Taiwan NHIRD and contributing to the progress of perioperative medicine with the recruitment of devotion from more research groups and become a famous doctrine.
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