Patient factors predicting the completion of sedation-free colonoscopy

Ming Shian Tsai, Yen Hao Su, Jin Tung Liang, Hong Shiee Lai, Po Huang Lee

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Background/Aims: Colonoscopy without sedation costs less than sedated colonoscopy. The aim of this study is to identify the patient factors predicting the completion of colonoscopy without sedation. Methodology: Between May and September 2005, a, single colorectal, surgeon performed 120 consecu- tive, colonoscopies, Patient demographic, clinical and colonoscopy-related, data were collected and analyzed. Results: Out of 120 colonoscopies performed, 11 were excluded due to obstruction of the colon by a tumor or poor preparation. Therefore, the study group contained 109 patients. Ninety-three (85.3%) colonoscopies were completed. Completion rate (odds ratio for completion [95% confidence intervall) was significantly associated with the male gender (5.03 [1.35-18,86]), high body mass index (4.42 [1.18-16.67]), no previous history of gynecological surgery (6.36 [1.84-22.14]), and previous colonic resection. Previous gynecological surgery was significantly associated with lower completion rates as shown using multivariate analysis. No complications relating to colonoscopy were observed. Conclusions: In the majority of patients, a colorectal surgeon with adequate endoscopy, experience can perform sedation-free colonoscopy successfully and safely. Gender, previous gynecological surgery, previous colonic resection, and body mass index were predictive ctors for successful colonoscopy without sedation.
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