Parenteral glutamine supplement has synergic effects in minimally invasive surgery of subtotal gastrectomy patients

Chien Chia Chen, Tung Cheng Chang, Ming Yang Wang, Ming Hsun Wu, Ming Tsan Lin

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Background/Aims: Exogenous glutamine supplement is known to improve morbidity and mortality of critically-ill patients. This study was conducted to elucidate the role of glutamine in minimally invasive surgery. Methodology: We retrospectively reviewed subtotal gastrectomy patients in National Taiwan University Hospital from Dec 2005 to Dec 2008. The patients were divided into three groups. Group 1 underwent subtotal gastrectomy by laparotomy without glutamine supplement, group 2 underwent subtotal gastrectomy by laparotomy with glutamine supplement and group 3 underwent gasless laparoscopy-assisted subtotal gastrectomy with parenteral glutamine supplement. Results: There were 155 patients in total; 85 patients in group 1, 17 in group 2 and 53 in group 3. The mean flatus days after operation are 3.6, 3.1 and 2.8 for groups 1, 2 and 3, respectively (p=0.001). Oral intake after operation was commenced after 6.7, 5.0 and 4.7 days (p=0.006). The body temperature had borderline differences between groups 3 and 1. There were significant differences in postoperative systemic responses including heart rates (p<0.001) and tenderness (p=0.011) 5 days after operation for group 3 vs. group 1. Minimally invasive surgery was a negative factor for postoperative body temperature change. Glutamine was a significant factor for postoperative heart rate change and reduction of tenderness. Conclusions: Glutamine supplement may have synergic effects of rapid recovery in minimal invasive surgery for subtotal gastrectomy patients by minimizing the postoperative systemic response and accelerating recovery.

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