Nurse practitioners in Taiwan: Today and tomorrow

Ching Wen Wei, Heng Hsin Tung, Shiow Luan Tsay, Che Wei Lin

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Purpose: To describe the barriers that nurse practitioners (NPs) face and their hopes for the future. Data sources: The study used a qualitative research design, with 10 certified NPs who were recruited through convenience sampling. Data were collected through a face-to-face semi-structured interview, and content analysis was used to analyze the data. Conclusions: NPs in Taiwan are challenged by a number of barriers; however, they remain positive that their circumstances will improve. Implications for practice: The results of this study suggest that there is a need for better communication between policymakers and NPs. Additionally, as recommended by the International Council of Nursing, there is a need for NPs to earn a master's degree and to have formal training prior to beginning work as an NP. Furthermore, to evaluate the NPs' performance, outcome studies need to be conducted. Implementing such recommendations should enable NPs to earn the respect and support of healthcare professionals and administrators.

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期刊Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
出版狀態已發佈 - 3月 2012

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