Negative Ionizer Air Purifier

Yu-Shiang Lin (发明人), Fujun SUN (发明人)

研究成果: 專利


A negative ionizer air purifier is disclosed. The negative ionizer air purifier includes a housing and at least two discharge terminals. The housing is defined with at least two receiving holes corresponding to the discharge terminals. Each discharge terminal is disposed in the corresponding receiving hole and protrudes from the exterior of the housing. The above disclosure makes it convenient to do cleaning and maintenance for the discharge terminals and the negative ionizer air purifier.
IPCB03C 3/82(2006.01); A61L 9/22(2006.01); B03C 3/32(2006.01); B03C 3/34(2006.01); B03C 3/36(2006.01); B03C 3/38(2006.01); B03C 3/41(2006.01); B03C 3/66(2006.01); F24F 3/16(2006.01); H01T 19/04(2006.01); H01T 23/00(2006.01)
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