Near-IR Embedded in a Physiological Signal Monitoring System

Chih Wei Peng, Chen Chia Chou, Zhi Yu Lin, Jian Chiun Liou

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In this experimental study, we investigate the high frequency and power of near-infrared radiation embedded in impedance cardiography (ICG) with physiological signal monitoring using electrocardiographic (ECG) and pulse oximeter oxygen saturation (SpO2) sensors as well as sympathetic and parasympathetic activity analyses. This high-performance sensor system has three physiological sensing channels and a drive system. This monitoring system includes ECG, SpO2, and ICG sensors, processors, wireless communication modules, and power management modules. Compared with other portable products, physiological sensors can minimize cost and space. Power consumption and function/efficiency are all very sensitive. The sampling rate of the processor is 2500/s. The wireless communication module is a Wi-Fi communication system. The power management module supplies a continuous 5 V, 3 A power supply. A cardiovascular disease treatment drive system can supply a high frequency of operation based on the multichannel data fusion of the physiological monitoring module with a cloud artificial intelligence feedback information system with output voltage and power in the range from 0 to ±52 V. The frequency is 0.3–10 MHz. The physiological signal monitoring system can operate at a frequency of 3 MHz with a voltage amplitude of ±52 V.
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期刊Sensors and Materials
出版狀態已發佈 - 2023

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