Morphology of the palatal vault of primary dentition in transverse view

Hung Huey Tsai, Ching Ting Tan

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the transverse view of the morphology of the palatal vault in the primary dentition at the primary second molar level. Observations were obtained from 150 dental stone casts of normal children (78 boys and 72 girls; aged four to five years). Palatal width, palatal depth, arch width, and primary second molar angulation were measured. There were no significant differences in palatal depth and primary second molar angulation between boys and girls or between the right and left sides. However, girls had a statistically significantly narrower upper dental arch width and palatal width than did boys. Palatal widths on the left side were statistically significantly larger than those on the right side for both sexes. Asymmetry in the palatal width greater than two mm was present in 21.8% of boys and 16.7% of girls. There was a correlation between buccal tipping in the upper primary second molar and greater palatal width.
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期刊Angle Orthodontist
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